Erin Shiel’s poetry is inspired by art, empathy and the impact these have on identity and daily life. Erin has had poems published in journals and anthologies such as Mascara, Meanjin, Cordite and Australian Love Poems.  Her work has been shortlisted for the University of Canberra’s Vice-Chancellor’s Poetry Prize (2018) and the Blake Poetry Prize (2008). In 2022 she won the South Coast Writers Centre Poetry Award. 
Erin has worked for more than twenty years in the health and community sectors, particularly in cancer prevention and early detection as well as in support services for children and families. She has a Master of Public Health, a Master of Arts in Literature and a Master of Arts (Research) from the University of Sydney.  She has recently completed her Master of Counselling at the University of Notre Dame and is enthusiastic about the role of creativity and poetry in therapy. 
Using her combined experiences in community workshops and creative writing, Erin now offers small group workshops. These can be conducted onsite at workplaces, art galleries, writers centres or community centres. Workshops can be tailored for specific groups, for example: poetry beginners, creative workshops for groups of staff in corporate settings or with community groups. Erin has worked with families, case workers and counsellors as well as poets and artists. Erin is currently offering a workshop called Breathing in Art, Breathing out Poetry which offers four simple methods to use to write a poem about an artwork. Workshops can also be conducted by arrangement in a garden studio in Newtown for an offsite experience.
Erin lives with her partner and the youngest of her four sons on Gadigal land in Newtown, Sydney. 

I close my eyes, imagine the capers in my yard, fluttering in the red and green of the callistemon,